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Current Music:"Andy You're A Star" the Killers on MY NEW IPOD!
Subject:Are you ready for a LONG LONG entry?
Time:09:31 pm
Current Mood:excitedexcited
Oh my god! I am alive. I didn't know it. I just found out today. I am alive! I AM ALIVE!!

AND!!!!!! TODAY IS MY SIXTEENTH BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!! Boy, was it sweet. I woke up and there were yummily pancakes and a pile o’ pressies on the table. Along with various CD’s, books, and small rodents (I got a pet hamster which is really for Julia as she gets bigger but whatev), I got A CAMERA from l’parents, AN IPOD (blue nano) from l’grandparents, three cookbooks from l’James and Kathy (I think they just want me to cook more for them), and a gift certificate to Urban Outfitters from l’Oregon crew. I let Julia help name the Hamster (even though I wanted to name it Borat or Tequilla or something) and she decided to name it Chumbles. I don’t know what that means, but it’s pretty damn cute. So anywho, I did lots of chilling/playing with l’pressies and the baby and Chumbles in the morning, and then we went to Fire and Ice for lunch and then in the afternoon I read and chilled with Cara and Di and Trina and then they left and Sophie came over for dinner and we got Chinese food and it made me uber-delicious-happy. And now I’m here. Birthdays make me happy. Especially when I’m sixteen. Even though I didn’t get a car. Haha.

I haven't been updating. I know. I forgot that I even had an online journal, let alone an obligation to update it. I've been plagued by school, by Real Life and by projects. I'll explain it all. Like Clarissa. Clarissa Explains It All.

Okay, first and fourmost, school. School is okay. I mean, it always is. Meaning it's the same as always. Always hard. Always painful. Always horrible. You know, whatever?
And, exams weren’t that bad. I actually didn’t fail them all this year. And that’s quite the improvement over last year, lemme tell ya.
There are some teachers. And some grades. They are:
+Science: Ms. Morrea. I actually love her. To bits. I love love loooove her to bits and itty bitty teeny weeny yellow polkadot bikini pieces. She makes chemistry lovable. Looooove able. AND even better somebody named Lillia got an A minus for her term grade.
+History: Monseiur Torrino. Or Mr. Whicheva you prefer. Mr. Torrino is a confusing man, but I can't say I don't enjoy the class. But I do. It's just... a frighteningly disjointed class. And the grade is…… Bee Plus!
+Latin: Magistra Winger. Again! No French this year at least, but that lady is out of her mindo. I’m still… not… doing good in her class. We’ll just leave it at that.
+English: Ms. Stanley. Yup! My eighth grade teacher has moved up to la highschool to teach us again! She's cool, I guess. Gives me freak ass good grades, man. This you'll see later. One example of a freak ass good grade? My term grade was an A!!!
+Mathaliscious: Ms. Ambrose. She's awful. Ugly, mean, hard, and assy. And I got a C. Puh.

Okay. After school importances come what I call "Real Life." This means everything else. Julia growing up. She's such a darling. She strolled on into my room, which still has her crib, but now it's a crib convertable. It kinda was turned into a big girl bed but it's also a crib too. Anyway, she walks on in and says, "Lilla, I wanna a shusi." I'm like what the fuck cutie pie? Turns out she wanted Sushi. She saw me eating it and wanted to try it too! But then she found out that sushi is fish and said something like, “I don’t wanna eat fishies they go swim and are nice aminals and I don’t ever want to eat them because all they do is swimm!” It was fradorable. Aw, shnugar.
Real life also means crap. I'm single! Again! And I'm NOT looking so don't even think about it. I'm happy how I am.
Real life can produce celebrations too. My cousin Gina got married. I got a new dress, new clothes. I loved the wedding. I loved loved loved the wedding. I want to get married.
Real life is a wonderful thing.

And, thirdly, Projects. This means, the musical! We do two musicals a year at moi's school: The Winta Musical, and the Spring Musicull. And so the Winta one is coming up supa soon and it is... dundahdahdah!!!! Into The Woods!!! IT IS SOOOO Freaking Exciting. With Capitals in All the right Places. I'm The Witch. I love how I try out the musicals even when I can't sing for beans or beans. But I get in! And I get to RAP YES! I get to RAP RAP RAP! I'm so excited for this show. I can't even express how excited I am! Wayy more excited than I can express.
Now, as I mentioned before, I got good old grades in English! I still am getting them and I'm loving that class. I love Ms. Stanley. Remember in eighth grade when I wrote that "Short Paper On Any Topic" about crap and like playgrounds and things? Well, she assigns about one of those per week. And so I will here insert my one of my best ones. The exact assignment read: "Please, students, for Thursday, write a short paper on any topic. It must be at least one paragraph and at most three. And give it a creative title that accurately sums of the highlighted themes and undertones reflected in your creation of words, which should also communicate your opinion on the subject."

"The Tambourine And It's Machiavellian Properties: A Coarse Glance At The Combination Of Factors Contributing To It's Demise In The Intermediate Educatory Society"
Composed From The Spirit Of A Once Living Lillia "Burnt Cabbage" Frank

As the sun rises and the sun falls, the characters upon which a shadow is cast often return to the plaster-encased philanthropic aisles that they call their caves. Although legitamate, these archipelagic stunt-doubles often revert to the classic niche of "tambourine-guzzling pitchforks." As a gondolier, this label must be heart-wrenching. And so, naturally, they submit to this nauseating apogee of hatred. But what does this hypocrisy lead to? Why is this stamp so bureaucratic, so demeaning? As the staples are mentored in the demolition, the tambourines distribute their gleeless hysteria among ethical teabaggers, mechanical neurotronic embankments, and yodeling lemurs. Ultimately, such amiability in trendy spyware-filled opium dens can only lead to one culminating final result: a challenge to a battle of swallowing the jingling instruments of music and pain.
The elements milling about in rivierra-esque museums in addition to the lanuginose diatomic plastic products have all supplied tropicality and added suspicion and scandal to the topic, although the fidgety reasons for its eloquent remarks on tambourine fabrication are the following: 1. First, the irresponsible grilling and glowing of fashionable billows, and, 2. second, the sequential herding of blowfish tickers in the emotional downgrades of pillboxes. As the language barrier increases, both sides of the equation remain thus exponential and irregular, as a salmon with a permanent. The moral repercussions of such violent emoting can only produce gregarious and deigning effects. And so they are destined to choke, choke, choke, until the zebras come home.

And so, the crazy wonderful Ms. Stanley gives me an A and says, “Beautiful work, Lillia. You’ve captured the essence of your topic with stunning eloquence and heart-wrenching yet painfully true language. I believe you’ve organized it stunningly and stated your points effectively and concisely. A!”
And then she gives us our next assignment, which is to give a performance of one of the pieces we’ve written. So I decide to do this one. I come in wearing all black a beret and give a crazy dramatic performance and end up lighting candles, kneeling, and I think I managed to shed a few tears. I got an A on that two. So ha.

And I’m happy! That’s all I can really say. I’ve already said a lot, haven’t I? So, I’ll sign off and enjoy of 16ness. G’night.
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Current Music:What You Own from RENT.
Time:09:38 am
Current Mood:crazycrazy
So Ok. Oregon is my most favoratist place to go ever except for K-Camps. Seriously, I'm IN LOVE with my dad's sister and her entire family. Oh man, so, remember when I told y'all all aboot my aunt and her 7 crazy chilluns and all that and then I posted about going a while ago? Yeah, well, here's just some of le highlights from this trippie:

Greg (now 18 and packing for college -- Boston University): You guys are going to miss me, aren't you? You guys are going to DIE here without me. You guys are going to pine away without my presence in this household. You guys are--
Orianna (now 10): Oh, shut it Greg. We're going to survive just fine without you.
Greg: Yeah, but how're you going to deal with it that Anna's now the OLDEST in the house??
Orianna: DON'T GO, GREG!

Rhett (now 3): I a wittle teapot short and stout! Here is my sour, here is my kraut!

Mitch (still 14): Hey Lills, can you make us brownies after din?
Moi: No, but you can make us brownies after dinner.
Mitch: Aw, but Lills, I can't make brownies for beans.
Terra (now 11): *giggles* You know, Lilly, last time he actually put beans in the brownies.
Mitch: I'm gonna pommel you ya little bratso.
Terra: They probably would've tasted okay if they hadn't been kidney beans...

David (still 6): When I grow up, I want to be a fire hydrant!
Anna (still 15): You mean a fire fighter?
David: No, a fire hydrant.
Anna: And why, pray tell, do you want to be a fire hydrant?
David: So I can splosh water over people I don't like.
Terra: Yeah, but Tri (note from lil: tri is david's nickname), then dogs would do their pee on you!
David: Then I'd SPLOSH them.

There are so many more and I'd love to post them all, but, I'm afraid, the pancake mix is calling me and I must go make me and Baby some.
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Current Music:Nothing-- iPod is in my suitcase
Time:10:47 am
Current Mood:rushedrushed
Alright, I have to leave for Oregon in less than an hour, but I thought I should leave y'all with some parting words before I go. And since I was tagged, I figured these would be perf.

Go to this site and pick 5 quotations that describe you or your belief system. Then tag 5 friends to do the same. The quotations are here: http://www.quotationspage.com/random.php3

+ 1. Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed, and some few to be chewed and digested: that is, some books are to be read only in parts, others to be read, but not curiously, and some few to be read wholly, and with diligence and attention. (Sir Frances Bacon)
+ 2. The only thing that scares me more than space aliens is the idea that there aren't any space aliens. We can't be the best that creation has to offer. I pray we're not all there is. If so, we're in big trouble. (Ellen DeGeneres)
+ 3. And Charlie, don't forget about what happened to the man who suddenly got everything he ever wanted. He lived happily ever after. (Roald Dahl)
+ 4. Sometimes I wonder if men and women really suit each other. Perhaps they should just live next door and just visit now and then. (Katharine Hepburn)
+ 5. Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened. (Dr. Seuss)

Tagging: Whoever wants to do it, chaps.

On that note, the plane awaits.
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Current Music:Dancing Through Life from Wicked
Subject:Check. It. Ouuut. Aiiight.
Time:03:53 pm
Current Mood:nostalgicnostalgic
Hola all! I'm back from my travels. I leave again tomorrow, by the way.

So, the first place I went was Camp Kayawak, also known as Konnowak Pt. 2, Konnowak Sr., and Fogie Camp. And it's JUST AS AMAZING as Konnowak, lemme tell ya. It was the most phenominal summer of my life, except for maybe last summer. Seriously, it's the exact same camp, just older kids. And besides dealing with being the in the youngest camper group (which wasn't too tough anyway), this camp was fantabulous.
Here was my schedule for les camp:

Period A) Creative Writing. This was a nice, calm way to start each morning. While most people wrote something different every day, I wrote one story the whole time. It's really long. I might post it soon, if I remember. It won the writing contest throughought (whoa I spelled that funkily) the camp!
Period B) Field Hockey. That game is so freaking much fun.
Period C) Canoeing. Did I spell that right? I like it that way. The instructor, Jazz (his real name is Jeffry... boring) is the most amazing guy ever. Did I mention that Jazz is the most amaizng guy ever?
Perioid D) Knitting! So fun. I made me some scarvles. Which are like little thin scarves. And I made Julia some booties!
Period E) Drama! YES! Okay so a trillion of people signed up for drama, so we ended up doing three shows. I was in Godspell! The other groups did Fiddler and Mouse Trap. So Godspell was incredible because it's such a small cast and we all got chillingly close. I got to sing Turn Back O Man. Which was incredible. It was SUCH an incredible show. Summer. Life.
Period F) Cooking. I cooked the heck out of life. Best. Ever. I've been cooking dinner for my family like every night because I have so many new skills and recipes.
Period G) (Yes, there are more periods than at Konnowak) Swim. I always seem to get swim last. Funny, huh?

Anyway, so the cabins as Kayawak are named after famous people instead of like Konnowak where they're named after mythical places. And I was in the Stevie Wonder cabin. Amazing, yes.
And I met many many new people. SHOUT OUT. OUT. Out. out. ut. t. I gave y'all this website so y'all should be reading it. That means you, Carolineeeeee. And Oona. And Laura.

So anyways, I was there for six whopping weeks. Then my parents scooped me up and plopped me down in Nantucket, which was nice but rather uneventful. It was nice to spend time with Julia and dogs (and parents) who I hadn't seen in so long.

And so tomorrow I go off to Oregon to see my crazy family and have a helluva time.

And so, I leave y'all with this year's chosed camp song (this one's for you, Annie!):
It's just life so keep dancing through

They chose good. Anybody from Kayawak who reads this should comment, so I know you're there. I miss y'all! Chill.
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Current Music:Some Fun Now from LSOH
Time:11:56 am
Current Mood:gratefulgrateful
SCHOOL IS OVER SCHOOL IS OVER SCHOOL IS FUCKING OVER OVER. I'm so absurdly glad. I know I failed all of my finals, but I don't care because school is OVER.

Summer plans in a plus list:
+I'm going to Camp Kayawak which is the senior camp for Konnowak. Basically same camp, but different campus and for older peoples. It won't be the same as Konnowak, but I'm psyched nevertheless. I probably might not update before I go, but I might update while I'm there... If there are computers. Which I sure hope there are. I go on Sunday and don't come back until like August or something. You'll miss me. I'll miss Julia.
+Going to Nantucket for a little ickle while.
+Probably going to Oregon (bleck... actually could prove to be amazing).
+Start a band. Want to be in it?
+Cook stuff.
+Make stuff.

That's a lot! I'll have loads of fun.
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Current Music:Black Horse And The Cherry Tree by KT Tunstall
Time:04:14 pm
Current Mood:aggravatedaggravated
A quick update. And a plus list:

+Julia's parents went back to New Orleans for a visit. I'm parenting baby all by myself. It's wonderful.
+She's saying SO many words now.
+I hate school. Overworked and underfed. Eh, not underfed. Underslept.

And this:
Explain your username and why you chose it, then tag as many people as there are letters in your username:

I was tired of the old "cult classic" so I went with something else. I had just made something with beef. That was in my head. And... oh whatever.

I'm not gonna tag. I need to do crap.
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Current Music:Smile Like You Mean It by The Killers
Time:09:37 am
Current Mood:pissed offpissed off
I remembered what I was going to say. And it makes me sorrowful. Nothing bad happened. Everybody's still alive, cousin Gina is still gettind married, meaning I still get new fancy clothes XD. (PS) The links I put of clothingwise don't lead necessarily to the right stuff, so just type in the style number or something if you haven't stared at them enough. But still.

Yesterday, I came home from school and shit was normal. I sauntered up to my room with my damn heavy backpack on. Julia wasn't in her crib, but I didn't expect her to be. Normally, she's at the park with her mother or playing or doing something other than sit around and wait for me to come home. Because babies aren't like little things that can just sit and wait.
So I come home and I decide to see if Julia's around the house or at the park. But then she comes crawling/walking up behind me and she says "Lillia!" (In that baby way of hers). So I'm like wtf?? Because her mother's smart enough not to let her wander alone because she could fall down the stairs and die or maybe impale herself on the sharp edge of a bookshelf or swallow something and choke. There are countless possibilities.
I pick her up and cuddle her and talk to her for about a minute, she touched my nose and said "nos!" and then the poked my eye and said "iya!", but then I decide to figure out where her momma is. I walk around calling "Katherine? Kathy!! Is anybody home?? Kathy!!??!?!" And I don't hear a response to I'm like, "Jules, do you know where MOMMA is? MOMMA?" Because she knows the word "momma" and I thought maybe if she heard the word, she'd take me to Kathy. So, baby wriggles in my arms to get onto the floor. Clearly, she knew what I meant. She starts crawling towards the stairs, so I carry her up them, and put her down again at the top. "Momma," I say to her again. She crawls towards the bath room. The door is closed, which is odd, so I knock.
Lo and behold, Kathy is in there. She's crying. I try to comfort her, or to get her to tell me why she was crying. Finally, she said, "It the house. Your house is so solid, so nice, so fancy. And I think back on my house...." she trails off. Then she looks at me, pain searing in her eyes and shouts, "EVERYTHING'S GONE. THERE'S NOTHING LEFT IN NEW ORLEANS. MY WEDDING PICTURES ARE SHREDDED FROM THE RAIN. THE ROOF THAT ONCE STOOD OVER MY HEAD WAS COVERED IN WATER MINUTES AFTER THEY HELICOPTERED US OFF OF IT. Damn it, Lillia, I WANT HOME BACK."
I kissed her on the cheek, picked up Julia, and hoped that baby's minds don't remember their first year.

That's what happened yesterday.
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Current Music:Yahoo by Me.
Time:08:47 pm
Current Mood:annoyedannoyed
I was gonna update but I forgot what I was gonna say.

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Current Music:Little Sister by Rufus Wainwright
Time:01:07 pm
Current Mood:crappycrappy
Are you not surprised? I'm updating. I love updating. But you know why I'm not fucking at school today? Because I'm SICK. Sickly sickly being. I can't even huggle Julia for comfort because they're afraid that I'll get her sick too. Ich. I feel disgusting.

So, I'll do this music meme from Sophie to pass the time.

Go to your music player of choice and put it on shuffle. Say the following questions aloud, and press play. Use the song title as the answer to the question.

How does the world see me?
Song: You'd Be Surprised
Artist: Idina Menzel
Comment: Apparently, I don't know!

Will I have a happy life?
Song: I Can Do Better Than That
Artist: Sherie Rene Scott in "Last Five Years"
Comment: It's not looking up. Well, actually, it might be okay.

What do my friends really think of me?
Song: Wait
Artist: The Beatles
Comment: Wait?? For what?!

Do people secretely lust after me?
Song: Voice Mail #1
Artist: Rent
Comment: I... Maybe they like my voice.

How can I make myself happy?
Song: Don't Know Why
Artist: Norah Jones
Comment: Stupid compy apparently doesn't know why I'd like to be happy? What a bitch.

What should I do with my life?
Song: Smile Like You Mean It
Artist: The Killers
Comment: I should smile. Finally, I understand.

Why must life be so full of pain?
Song: Mr. Bassman
Artist: Floyd and Scooter from The Muppets
Comment: Aw, he sucks. All those "Bababababa".

Will I ever have children?
Song: Something Bad
Artist: Wicked
Comment: Awwwww, I really wanted them. Really Really REALLY! Damn.

Will I die happy?
Song: All The Way To Reno
Artist: R.E.M.
Comment: Oh, sure. Like I'll ever die happy without kids.

What is some good advice for me?
Song: Andy You're A Star
Artist: The Killers
Comment: Marry... Andy.. And be a star. Easy for you to say.

What is happiness?
Song: Redemption
Artist: Bob Marly
Comment: Another clear one.

What's my favorite fetish?
Song: There's A Fine Fine Line
Artist: Avenue Q
Comment: Oooh. No. My fetish is anything BUT being dumped.

How will I be remembered?
Song: Little Sister
Artist: Rufus Wainwright
Comment: But I don't have a sister!!
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Current Music:Recovering The Satellites by Counting Crows
Subject:Rock My World!
Time:05:49 pm
Current Mood:gratefulgrateful
Yesterday was the greatest day of my entire fucking life.

We all know my birthday was in February. I completely ignored posting about it because, frankly, it sucked. I've been 15 for a fucking while, get over it. I woke up on February Third expecting a good birthday, maybe a new iPod or a digital camera or something, maybe some pancakes for breakfast or a surprise cake. I walk downstairs and there's nothing. Mom says, "Oh, good morning. Happy birthday." I say, "No pressies!?" And she says, "Not today, honey."

Clearly, the worst birthday I've ever had.

Except yesterday, one full month after my birthday, I wake up expecting a Crap School Friday as normal. And it was a crap school Friday, until I got home. At home, I had a surprise party. Mom had filled all of my friends in, I had to stay after school, so Di waited and walked back with me. And everybody was there. Mom, Grandparents, all of my fucking cousins from OREGON, except Ms. Over-Perfect. The dogs. Everybody I knew, know, will ever know. What a treat. Best cake ever. Best fucking life ever!

Mom says, "Now, pressie time! Go up to your room, everything's there." I run up, trip over Chantico, and everybody's following me. And guess what's fucking there? A CRIB. A cradle for Julia. She can sleep in MY room. Oh, the greatest day ever. I also got lot's of other shit, but that's the important thing.

So, I ask mother why she waited the month. She says, "Because we needed everybody." And at this point, Leah, my best friend through elementary school who I love with all of my hearty heart who moved to Israel before middle school, bursts out of my closet.

Oh, the greatest day of my life. Leah is staying for two weeks. And Julia can sleep in my room.

Love, the greatest.
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