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Subject:Rock My World!
Time:05:49 pm
Current Mood:gratefulgrateful
Yesterday was the greatest day of my entire fucking life.

We all know my birthday was in February. I completely ignored posting about it because, frankly, it sucked. I've been 15 for a fucking while, get over it. I woke up on February Third expecting a good birthday, maybe a new iPod or a digital camera or something, maybe some pancakes for breakfast or a surprise cake. I walk downstairs and there's nothing. Mom says, "Oh, good morning. Happy birthday." I say, "No pressies!?" And she says, "Not today, honey."

Clearly, the worst birthday I've ever had.

Except yesterday, one full month after my birthday, I wake up expecting a Crap School Friday as normal. And it was a crap school Friday, until I got home. At home, I had a surprise party. Mom had filled all of my friends in, I had to stay after school, so Di waited and walked back with me. And everybody was there. Mom, Grandparents, all of my fucking cousins from OREGON, except Ms. Over-Perfect. The dogs. Everybody I knew, know, will ever know. What a treat. Best cake ever. Best fucking life ever!

Mom says, "Now, pressie time! Go up to your room, everything's there." I run up, trip over Chantico, and everybody's following me. And guess what's fucking there? A CRIB. A cradle for Julia. She can sleep in MY room. Oh, the greatest day ever. I also got lot's of other shit, but that's the important thing.

So, I ask mother why she waited the month. She says, "Because we needed everybody." And at this point, Leah, my best friend through elementary school who I love with all of my hearty heart who moved to Israel before middle school, bursts out of my closet.

Oh, the greatest day of my life. Leah is staying for two weeks. And Julia can sleep in my room.

Love, the greatest.
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Subject:itsssssss lizabet
Time:2006-03-06 12:57 am (UTC)
hey gurl. 2nd time commenting becuz i am so kool like that.
it was the greatest party evr! you shouldve seen the look on your face when leah burst out of the closet. you were like WHOA. shes really cool. i wish she went to our school becuz thatd totally rok.
you should list all your pressies. I GAVE HER THE HOTTEST PRESSIE EVER. I GAVE HER 1. A MIX CD AND 2. SEASON 6 OF THE SIMPSONS. hot right right?
also my cake was the hottest thang since heat.

luv ya chica luv lizza.
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