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Current Music:All The Way To Reno by R.E.M.
Time:09:10 pm
Current Mood:happyhappy
Jules and Julia and I are gooses since I last tawlked. Julia is walking! Isn't that EXCITING! It's so great because I look up and she can get around however she pleases. Kathy (her mother) and I were sitting on the couch and she comes walking in (with her dad close behind) and comes right to me and says "Lillia!" And I wish I was her mother still. I really really do. So much.

We watch to Olympics together. We eat together. I'm saving up for a cradle for my room. I feed her and play with her. I observe her and love her.

Oh baby. Baby.

And Jules is also my pal.

Exciting News Though! My cousin Gina, Mom's Sister's Daughter, is getting married. But the REALLY exciting news is that I get to buy a dress! A fancy new dress! I'm so dressie, she said I could get a NEW one, even though I just got a newish one for semi.
Here's the one I'm getting: http://davidsprom.com/dresses.jsp?g=0&p=4 (It's the first one on the page, the pink one, Style 3587768).
Plus these shoes: http://davidsprom.com/accessories_return.jsp?g=22&p=3 (The ones in the MIDDLE, but in pink instead of green).
And this jewelry set: http://davidsprom.com/accessories_return.jsp?g=21&p=3 (Second on page.)

Can you tell I'm excited for new clothes?

Good life.
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Current Music:How The West Was Won by R.E.M
Subject:God Now
Time:06:49 pm
Current Mood:hopefulhopeful
Things have gone up since semi.

And to people: Nothing happened. I was in a weird mood and I want to thank everybody for being so supportive and caring and worried, but it's better now. Jules and I are together, but knowing me, it won't last long. I just take what I'm given. I really like Jules though. More than the rest. More than Baily-shit and Katherine-nothingthere. I really feel something. Maybe it's the name. Because she has the same name as Baby.

Baby has said more words. Instead of "Yiyia" she's getting a little l-like sound out. She can say "Santico" and "Dez" and "Mama" and "Dada" and "Unkie" and "Anie" which means Auntie.

BIG IMPORTANT THING: Baby and Baby's Mom and Dad are going to move in long term officially. The guest room is big enough. Because dad and James (Baby's dad) are cool and tight and shit. James and Katherine don't even know if they're ever ever going to move out. Julia will be four when I leave for college.

It's actually the most exciting thing that's ever happened to me. Based on my sluttiness, I'll need experience raising a toddler. I love Julia so much, it's as if I were her mother. Kathy hardly spends any time with Jules. I'm with her all the time. I do my homework with her on my bed, I play with her, I was the one who got her crawling, and I've now been the one walking with her. I ask Kathy basic details when they slip my mind like how much milk to put in the bottle and she can't answer. I really wish Julia was mine. I want a baby. I want a baby baby baby.

Julia and Jules. Jules and Julia. They make my life complete.
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Current Music:My Humps!
Subject:Le Semi
Time:07:52 pm
Current Mood:confusedconfused
Semi was okay. I went with a girl named Julia, Jules for short. We're not together, but I've known her for a while through school and I always thought the was incredibly nice. I didn't know she was a lesbian until Wednesday, when we did this weird excersice in Sex Ed. I wore my gorgeous dress, and she wore hers, which was this low cut pink thing. We grinded and shit and slow danced. I looked at her and she looked at me and we kissed.

After the dance, we stayed around at school because we told parents that Semi ended two hours later than it did. We found this room where there were about five couples making out. The next room had three more, plus one whose girl was half-stripped. Plus one couple who were naked. So, we went to the next room, where three couples were doing whatever they were doing. But this one was obviously the designated gay room. So we went in, took a corner, and we made out. It was really strange. I felt like I've never felt before. We kissed and her hand began to unzip my dress and mine.... I'm grossing everybody out.

Fuck, I'm a slut.

I'm a slut. I'm a slut. I am a fucking slut.

I think I'll ask Jules out.
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Current Music:It's Raining Men by The Weather Girls
Subject:Baaaack To School
Time:08:42 pm
We've been back in school for a week now. And it sucks ass. ASS, man, ASS. I mean NOTHING good has happened. In fact, the only things that have happened are BAD Things, which I will now list:

+Katherine and I broke up. There was nothing there.
+Semi is Saturday and my date and I broke up. Oh well. Knowing my sluttiness, I'll go through three more girls before finding the right one in time for semi.
+I got a C- on my Latin project, which Magistra Winger deemed, "Unworthy of a better grade."
+Lunch today was sloppy joes.
+I got Joe all over my Green Day concert shirt.
+I got a letter from Jamie (over-achiever-cousin) saying that she won the Science Fair and got 500 dollars with which she plans on buying a portable DVD player.

Wait! I almost forgot! One good thing (which actually isn't too great now):
I got my semi dress! But no date! I'm sure I'll find one. Look on the bright side: My dress is dark blue. It's slim and form fitting, accentuating my curvaciousness. ( COME ON DATE ME ). There's a ruffle on the skirt and it came with a sparkley white shawl. And it's strapless. BOOYA!

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Current Music:The Statue Got Me High by TMBG
Subject:I'm Back From Oregon
Time:02:39 pm
Current Mood:goodgood
We got back from Oregon last night at 11:00 PM. And fell right asleep, ready for school this morning. But, what a surprise, snow day today! Yes. YES.

Oregon was fantastic. We got there, and the whole Dad's sister's side of the family greeted us at the airport. We go straight to their house, a smallish house with four tiny bedrooms and one large main room/dining room/kitchen and one bathroom, in what was I believe the loudest car ride of my life. Two kids to a room. SO, mom and da spend the nights in Aunt Laura's room, and I spend the night in a room with Anna (15, who is absolutely awesome) and Rhett (2, who is absolutely aborable).

I had a fantastic time. We ice skated on their frozen pond; we ate a dinner that I cooked: garlic basil pasta with striped bass, and everybody liked it.

Highlighted conversations:

Orianna (9): Lily, what does giddy mean?
Me: Giddy means "Wooooo woooooooooooo."
Greg (17): No, giddy means "Hubba hubba honk honk."
Anna (15): No, giddy means "Eeeee! Eeeeeeeee!"
(Later that night) Orianna (to Rhett, 2): "Rhett, don't tell mom you know this, but mom was wooo hubba honkee when she named us all."

Mitch (14): Check this out: (does cartwheel, but fails miserably).
David (6): I can do that! (Fails miserably-er, breaking Aunt Laura's glass vase).
Aunt Laura: You broke my vase! (Sobs).
Orianna (9): It's okay mommy, I'll BLUE it back together.
Terra (10): Blue it? Blue doesn't exactly go with barf green.
Me: (emerges wearin blue and barf green)
Terra: I stand corrected. They look horrendous together.
Orianna: Then I'll BARF it together, if that makes you happy.

David (6): When I grow up, I want to be Lillia.
Orianna (9): When I grow up, I want to be Lillia.
Rhett (2): Lillia!
Terra (10): When I grow up, I want to be a mirror, so that I can be Lillia if she looks at me, but I can be other people too.
Anna (15): Yeah, Terra, but then you'd be stuck being Greg sometimes.
Terra (10): Um... Then I'll just stick with Lillia.

We spent one night at my dad's brother's house hearing all about Jamie's latest achievements (including high high high high honor roll and getting three leads in school plays, getting the highest scores in the West US on her Math Exam and writing a short story which is going to be published.... somewhere or another.)

But, overall, I had a fantastic vacation.

AND I made it through the entry without a plus list!
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Current Music:Possesion by Sarah McLachlan
Time:10:27 am
Current Mood:bouncybouncy
Hip Hip Ha-Woot! It's VACAATION! I just woke up. Never felt so good.

Plans for break:
+Reading 500,000 books which I checked out from the library. I swear, the receipt is taller than I am!
+Organizing my drawers.
+Shopping for semi dress... Can't wait for it, mans.
+Calling Katherine. Girlfriend forever. Lurrve ya.
+Telling Sophie more crap R names. Like: Rupert, Redwing, Rotweiler......
+Teaching Julia how to say, "Katherine," "Elmo," and "Dezi."
+Studying for the retake of my Latin test, which I gracefully failed with a 49%
+Thinking of something better than plus lists to waste time on.
+Introducing Jessie (Lizabet's little sissy) to Julia.
+Visiting relatives in Oregon. Why the live in Oregon? No idea! Dad's brother and sister live there.

Oregon relatives:
+Dad's sister, Aunt Laura.
+Laura's... 6? Kids. Maybe she has seven now. She's a slut. No uncle on that side.
Okay, so here's a list of her kids! I'm OBSESSIVE so I'll put middle names.
+Gregory Adam Frank. Age: 17. Personality: Didn't get into Browne for early admission.
+Anna Lighman Frank. Age: 15. Quote: "Mom, why couldn't you have given me a normal middle name like everybody else!?" To the reply, "It was your father's last name."
+Mitchell Robert Frank. Age: 14. Personality: Teenage pimp.
+Terra Silva Frank. Age: 10. Quote: "Anna, stop complaining about your middle name. BOTH of MY names suck." To the reply, "Terra Silva means land forrest in Latin! Because I hope for you to sprout up like a land forrest." At this point, Mitch says, "It sounds like a car name." and Greg says, "My mother is a druggie."
+Orianna Frieda Frank. Age: 9. Quote: "Greg, what are drugs?" Greg: "Something you smoke to make you feel giddy. She was on them when she named you."
+David Triton Frank. Age: 6. Parsonality: With a middle name like Triton, you can only imagine.
Okay, that's six, right? No, she has seven kids.
+Rhett Bridges Frank. Age: 2. Personality: None. Her name is Rhett Bridges. My aunt is a druggie.

+Dad's brother, Uncle Mark.
+Mark's wife, Aunt Hannah.
+Their daughter, Jamie. Age: 14. Personality: Over achiever who makes me feel like a crap bit.

Yay! Long waste of an entry! Enjoy life.
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Current Music:Redemption by Bob Marly
Subject:Hello World
Time:05:42 pm
Current Mood:coldcold
I notice a pattern. Megan and Nicky(?) break up. Next, Baily breaks up with me. Robert breaks up with Kadie. Laura and Erica have a "one hour stand" ending with a black eye and hate notes. Liz breaks up with Sophie?

It appears that anybody who knows me will be cursed with bad relationships forever and a day. I really should have fowarded that e-mail to 5 people in the next 203 seconds! Crap me!

+Julia said more words. In addition to "Mam," "Da," and "Yiya," she's now managed "Mama," "Dada," "Unkie," "Yiyiya," and "Sanito" (which I think means "Chantico").
+Saw RENT with Cara, Di, and Elizabeth.

+I know I'm a slut, but I have a new girlfriend. We'll probably separate in a week or two. But it's nice while it lasts. Because semi is soonish. Like, never. She and I'll go. Her name is Katherine. Katherine Talia McFerson. I met her earlier this year. She's a dear.

Okay. Time to study for my stoopid latin test. Fuck Magistra Winger.

Actually, I'll do this first.

Go to your Calendar and find the first entry for each month of 2005. Post the first line of it in your journal, and that's your "Year In Review".

JANUARY: (I hadn't started it then).

FEBRUARY: So, it's the way things are, ya know?

MARCH: No school today, so my world rocked.

APRIL: So, I did the research, I found the breeder, I called her, I organized the date and I'M GETTING MY CORGI TOMORROW!!!!

MAY: Well, really, all I can say, is that Chantico is the cutest puppy I've ever seen.

JUNE: It's not summer yet.

JULY: Ya know, I never knew that my camp had computers.

AUGUST: Isn't that horrible? I can't believe I'll never to to Camp Konnowak again.

SEPTEMBER: Last night went well and was a bloody disaster.

OCTOBER: The days are warm?? No. The song lies.

NOVEMBER: I don't think anything too important has happened sine I reported my 10 Happy Thongs, but here's the low-down on the chillaz:

DECEMBER: I notice a pattern.
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Current Music:Your Every Color by Train
Subject:Don't We?
Time:07:07 pm
Current Mood:amusedamused
I don't think anything too important has happened sine I reported my 10 Happy Thongs, but here's the low-down on the chillaz:

+Di got a concussion!
+Sophie stole my + lists.
+Chantico licked Julia
+Julia said "Mam" and "Da" and "Yiya" and I think "Yiya" is supposed to mean "Lillia"
+I got the RENT s-track with Adam on the shit cover and I'm freakking in lurve w/ it. Because he's HAWT. HAWTHAWTHAWT!
+Elizabeth's family adopted a little girl (6 months old?) from Ecuador. I guess that's the most "important" thing that's happened, other than "Yiya" and Adam on my CD cover. Little girl's name is now Jessie. Jessica and Elizabeth. Jessica Arie (Which was her "original" name) and Elizabeth Francis! Oy, I'm being VERY obsessive right now. It's ADAM's fault. Ooh, he's looking at me! *SWOOOONIES!*


Go to your music player and put it on shuffle. Say the following questions aloud, and press play. Use the song title as the answer to the question. No cheating!

1) What do you think of me?
Radio Song by R.E.M. [It's that same sing song, and the dj sucks. It makes me sad. I tried to turn it off, to say goodbye my love. Okay, so I'm the same as everybody else, and you can't get rid of freaking posers like me, is that it!? *slaps compy silly*]

2) Will I have a happy life?
Find The River by R.E.M. [Me, my thoughts are flower strewn, ocean storm, bayberry moon. I have got to leave to find my way, watch the road and memorize. This life that pass before my eyes. Nothing is going my way. Hokay, so, it'll be tough getting there, but at the when with "All this is coming your way" it might work out? *mumbles* Frikking "figurative" lyrics....]

3) What do my friends really think of me?
That Face from The Producers[I'll take that as a But it's worth it for that face]

4) Do people secretly lust after me?
Barabajagal by Donovan [He filled, he filled a leather cup, holding her gaze. She took, she took a little sip while this song he sang.... Why does Sophie give me such WEIRD music!?]

5) How can I make myself happy?
Change Your Mind by The Killers [Well, that's sublte. First it tells me I'm a poser and I'm just like everybody else, now it's telling me I can't even recognize myself behind, so if the answer is no, can I change your mind?? It's trying to preppie-fy me!]

6) What should I do with my life?
Fibber Island by TMBG [Okay, maybe it isn't trying to preppie-fy me. Maybe it's trying to make me a con-man.]

7) Why must life be so full of pain?
Enid by BNL [It took me a year to believe it was over, and it took me two more to get over the loss. I took a beating when you wrote me those letters, and every time I remembered the taste of your lipgloss. Wow!]

8) How can I maximize my pleasure during sex?
La Vie Boheme B from Rent [I should do a lot of stuff... To Faggots, lezzies, dykes, cross dressers too!]

9) Will I ever have children?
Breakfast At Tiffany's by Deep Blue Something [I hate when things are over, when so much is left undone.... Xlearly, (yes, xlearly..) the relationship will end before any widdo babies pop outta me or she]

10) Will I die happy?
Michelle by The Beatles [Oh, yes Michelle, ma belle. Sont les mots qui vont tres bien ensemble, tres bien ensemble.]

11) Can you give me some advice?
There's A Fine, Fine Line from Avenue Q [I should try not to walk the line. That's pretty straight forward. Thanks for the advice, loser. There's a fine, fine line between a fairy tale and a lie.....]

12) What do you think happiness is?
Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk by Rufus Wainwright [Hahaha! See title.]

13) What's my favourite fetish?
All These Things That I've Done by The Killers [I need direction to perfection, no no no no.]

14) How will I be remembered?
Popular from Wicked [How ironic. What a legacy. Sarcasm.]

Yay! That was awesome! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

Have a good life.
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Current Music:Wires by Athlete
Subject:Yeah Yeah Yeah.
Time:05:06 pm
Current Mood:crazycrazy
List ten things that make you happy:

1. Burnt cabbage.
2. The dogs.
3. Bo Bice
4. The dogs.
5. My friends.
6. GSA.
7. Thinking of you.
8. The Killers.
9. Music (Yeah, Stolen, but it's true).
10. The Knee-Socks,

Tag six people, they have to do the same:

1. Kadie
2. Di
3. Elizabeth
4. Laura
5. Cara
6. Rachel

Speaking of The Knee-Socks... I won't go there.

Julia crawled!!! Holy fukshit it was awesome. I was all, JULES, CUMMERE, and she was like, Okeedokee. And there she was. Boy it was "surreal," I suppose.

Life has "improved" down corridors.

I'm really in the mood to do a music meme. So, here goes!

Um... I changed my mind.
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Current Music:No Such Thing by John Mayer
Subject:I Can Go Out And Kill 'Em
Time:05:06 pm
Current Mood:discontentdiscontent
I just wrote "Bares" instead of "Bears." Way to go, Lill.

I'm... a bit calmer than yesterday.

I have some thank you's to give out:
+Sophie, for the comment, for the shoulder to cry on (however virtual), for the you-ness of you.
+Megan, for the peptalk, for the connections.
+Di, for the softest shoulder, the spongiest shirt.
+Elizabeth, for the pillow.
+Laura, for the games of poker, and the cupcakes.
+Melissa, for being the greatest ex-best-friend in the whole entire fucking universe.
+Hannah, for the pebbles thrown at my window, and for forgiving me for screaming and forgetting.
+Kadie, for the pats on the back, and the manicures.

Wow. I have the greatest friends in the world.

And the drama queens, I'd like to think the best of me.
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